Evolvulus Blue My Mind® XL

Evolvulus  ee-VOLV-yoo-lus

Proven Winners Blue My Mind® XL:

If a true blue flower is what you’re looking for, look no further than Evolvulus Blue My Mind® XL. The bright blue flowers are 30-50% larger than the flowers of the original Blue My Mind®. The mounding, trailing habit is perfect for hanging baskets and planters as well as garden landscapes. Evolvulus Blue My Mind® XL can handle the heat but does require regular watering for best growth and flower production.

Full Sun

Height: 4-8″/ Spread: 12-20″

Late Spring to Frost

Size Available: 4.25


Evolvulus  ee-VOLV-yoo-lus

aka: Dwarf Morning Glory

The genus Evolvulus, family Convolvulaceae, includes 100 species of herbaceous perennial, annual and shrub plants native to the American continent. The Evolvulus is unique in that it comes in one of the most elusive colors in the world of horticulture—a bright and brilliant cobalt blue. It’s a tough yet tender perennial in the southern part of the country but other regions consider it an annual and replace it every year. Evolvulus makes a perfect addition to any garden bed or container; when planted in a sunny spot, this spreading plant will create a sea of ocean-blue flowers atop silvery blue-green foliage.