Chrysocephalum Flambé Yellow (Strawflower)

Chysocephalum (Strawflower)  cry-sow-SEF-a-lum

Proven Winners Flambé® Yellow:

Flambé Yellow Strawflower displays tufted yellow flowers on silver-gray foliage all season. Its trailing habit makes it perfect as a spiller in combinations and a groundcover in the landscape. They don’t just tolerate heat – they love it, yet they can withstand surprisingly cold temperatures also. Plants will “bury their dead” (new flowers will quickly cover old flowers) so no deadheading is necessary.

Full Sun

Height: 8-14″/Spread: 8-12″

Summer to Frost

Size Available: 4.25


Chysocephalum (Strawflower)  cry-sow-SEF-a-lum

The genus name Chrysocephalum comes from Greek ‘chryso’ meaning “golden” and ‘cephalus’ meaning “head”, in reference to the rounded golden yellow flower heads. This is the perfect plant for almost all gardens. They are quite drought tolerant yet they can withstand surprisingly cold temperatures also. If they start looking tired during the summer, a trim back can help them quickly bounce back into top form. In the North, chrysocephalum makes an outstanding container plant, especially mixed with other summer bloomers such as calibrachoa, verbena or petunia.