Fothergilla Legend of the Small®

Fothergilla (Bottle Brush)  faa-thr-GI-luh

Proven Winners Legend of the Small®:  A nifty little native with three seasons of interest! Legend of the Small® Fothergilla flowers abundantly in the spring, providing pollinators a reliable source of nectar early in the season. In summer, it’s foliage is a peppy shade of bluish-green until it erupts into fantastic fall color. Every autumnal color you can think of blends together beautifully on it’s little frame, making this little guy a serious talking piece for your landscape.

Zone 4

Full to Part Sun

Height: 24-30″/Spread: 24-36″


Size Available: 3 Gallon

Fothergilla Legend of the Small®


Fothergilla (Bottle Brush)  faa-thr-GI-luh

Fothergilla species are deciduous, Eastern US natives that are truly spectacular, four-season shrubs. In early April the white, 1½ to 3-inch tall,\ bottle-brush blooms appear with their delightful, honey-like fragrance. Flowers typically last for 2 to 3 weeks, and then are replaced by beautiful, green to blue-green, quilt-like foliage. Fothergilla leaves are extremely similar to those of witchhazels, which are in the same plant family, Hamamelidaceae.

The fall brings the showiest display for fothergilla, and every year seems to be slightly different. During November, the frost-tolerant foliage takes on golden-yellows, bright oranges or intense reds, or combinations of all. Weather conditions greatly influence the autumn coloration each year, with the amount of sunlight, rainfall and temperatures all playing a role.

Once the autumn foliage is gone, the interesting zig-zag branch habit of these upright, small shrubs is seen and adds to winter interest.