Fuchsia Trailing Swingtime

Fuchsia   FEW-she-uh

Trailing Swingtime:  One of the most popular trailing fuchsias, award-winning Fuchsia ‘Swingtime’ has fluffy double flowers adorned with vibrant scarlet sepals and very full, white corollas exquisitely marked with red veining. Blooming nonstop from spring to fall, the flowers stand out against dark foliage. Attractive to bees and hummingbirds, this incredibly pretty flower looks lovely hanging in baskets, containers or as a weeping standard.

Height: 10”/Spread: 20”         

Spring to Frost

Part to Full Shade

Size Available: 1201

Fuchsia Trailing Swingtime

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Fuchsia  FEW-she-uh

Beautiful, delicate fuchsias come in thousands of varieties and colors with multi-colored blossoms that hang and droop beautifully from baskets, planters and pots. Fuchsia packs plenty of flower power, opening hordes of blooms over a very long flowering window from spring to fall frost. The traditional flower form on these blooming beauties features an outer skirt surrounding an inner petticoat. These two flower parts are most often different colors, giving fuchsia blooms a festive feel. Sometimes the inner petticoat layer boasts rich ruffles. Fuchsia flowers easily steal the show when they’re on display, and they’re also a hummingbird magnet. Fuchsia plants are some of the earliest ones sold in spring because these extravagant bloomers prefer cool air. For many types, their ideal growing temperature is 55° to 80°F.  To succeed with fuchsias, give them bright indirect light in most regions with protection from afternoon sun.