Most Fuchsias bloom from spring to first frost bearing hanging lantern like tubular flowers loved by hummingbirds. Arching woody stems with dark green leaves.

Trailing: 4 inch
Height:  10”/Spread:  20”
Dark Eyes:  Deep crimson sepals and tube with deep violet petals.
Miss California:  Big single flowers with light pink sepals and a white corolla with pink veins.
Swingtime:  Large double white frilled skirts that contrast beautifully with bold red sepals.

Firecracker: 1 gallon
Height: 24-30″/Spread: 20-30″
Clusters of long, tubular flowers, bright salmon-orange with pink-orange interiors. Foliage is green and white variegated with rosy veins and undersides.

Gartenmeister: 1 gallon
Height:  36”/Spread:  36”
Sometimes called honeysuckle fuchsia because its long, tubular orange-red flowers resemble honeysuckle flowers. Attractive green-bronze foliage with purple red undersides.