Gaura Stratosphere™ White

Gaura (Wand Flower)  Gar-uh

Proven Winners Stratosphere White:  Gaura Stratosphere White is a compact, upright cultivar that typically grows to 16” tall. Four-petaled, white flowers bloom above the foliage in open wand-like panicles from early summer to fall. Flowers open up, only a few at a time, and dance in the wind like butterflies. Heat and shade tolerant plant that works great in the garden or in mixed containers. Plant in full sun for best flowering.

Full Sun

Height: 12-24″/ Spread: 8-14″

Summer to Fall

Size Available: 4.25



Gaura Stratosphere™ White


Gaura (Wand Flower) Gar-ah

Gaura is a native of Mexico and Texas, and its Spanish name translates as “superb”. It is an attractive, drought-resistant plant. Gaura does well in a sunny setting with light, well-drained soil. Also known as wandflower, whirling butterfly, and bee blossom, gaura can range from 15 inches to 4 feet tall, but most new cultivars are bred to be compact and container-friendly. This easy-care plant is available in several varieties. It makes a beautiful addition to almost any garden. The airy texture and form of gaura make them lovely accent plants in a mixed garden border. You can plant masses of them in a wildflower garden where they will demonstrate how they got the nickname “whirling butterflies” as they dance in the breeze.