Geranium Citronella

Geranium (Scented)    jer-AY-nee-um

Citronella:  Citronella Geranium is an upright, evergreen annual with deeply cut, crinkled and serrated soft green leaves. Strongly scented, the leaves exude a sharp citrus scent when bruised. In summer, clusters of small lavender-pink flowers appear. Place this scented geranium where it’s foliage can be easily brushed, such as in containers or edgings along paths.  Although this plant does not have real value as an insect repellant, most gardeners are delighted with the refreshing fragrance it emits.

Full to Part Sun

Height: 10-12″/Spread: 18-24″                 

Summer to Fall 

Size Available: 1201

Geranium Citronella


Geranium  jer-AY-nee-um

The geranium is an iconic, fragrant garden flower. American growers first fell in love with the geranium flower over 200 years ago, and it’s not hard to see why. Geraniums fill hanging baskets, containers and flower beds with fancy leaves that are as attractive as the clusters of dainty blooms they surround. Planting geraniums can be extremely easy and rewarding. Geraniums are easy-care abundant bloomers whose bright flowers will blossom from spring until fall. Most annual geraniums need a spot in full sun. Geraniums are easily maintained with proper deadheading which is recommended to encourage multitudes of new blooms.