Geranium Fantasia Shocking Blue (NEW)



Geranium (Zonal)

Upright habit and large flowers that bloom all summer long. They work well in planters, borders, mixed flowerbeds and containers.

Size Available: 1801                          Height:  14-16”/Spread:  14-16”      Spring to Frost

Fantasia Series®:

Size Available: 1801                          Height:  12-14”/Spread:  12-14”      Spring to Frost

Dark leaves offer superb contrast to bright blooms. Excellent uniformity

Appleblossom: Soft pink with a white eye.

Cranberry Sizzle:  Hot pink with cherry red at the base of each petal.

Dark Red:  Dark red.

Flamingo Rose: Coral-pink.

Fuchsia Berry: Vivid purple-red.

Orange: Vibrant Pink

Pink: Bright pink with a small white eye.

Purple Sizzle:  Violet-purple with red blotches at the base of each petal.

Salmon: Orangey-pink.

Scarlet: Dark red.

New  Shocking Blue: (Not really blue at all.) Bubblegum pink with a small white eye.

Shocking Pink: Medium dark pink.

Strawberry Sizzle: Hot cherry bicolor.

Violet: Bright, purplish-pink.

White: Pure white.