Geum Tempo™ Yellow

Geum   JEE-um

Tempo™ Yellow:  An upbeat cadence of semi-double yellow flowers in spring continues its pace into early summer. Flirty ruffled blossoms emerge from rosy-pink sepals to sway on straight dark stems above a bright green mound of foliage. Geum Tempo™ Yellow produces attractive deeply-lobed, toothed foliage. Attractive wispy silvery seed heads will form if some spent flowers are left. Butterflies love Geum; it’s easy to grow and deer resistant too.

Full to Part Sun

Height: 14-20″/Spread: 14-24″

Late Spring – Summer

Size Available: 1 Gal

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Geum  JEE-um

Geum is a long blooming member of the rose family which will reward you with flowers in shades of yellow, orange, red or pink. The bloom shapes range from fluffy upward facing doubles to nodding singles. These showy flowers also attract bees and butterflies. For the longest lasting cut flowers, pick when blooms are half open. The foliage ranges from deciduous to evergreen depending on species and conditions. Leaves are deeply lobed with toothed or scalloped edges, forming a dense mound. An excellent addition to rock gardens, containers or as a border. Geum combines well with Geranium, Salvia nemerosa, ornamental grasses and Achillea (yarrow).