Pennisetum Graceful Grasses® Fireworks

Pennisetum  pen-iss-SEE-tum

Proven Winners Graceful Grasses® Fireworks:

Graceful Grasses® Pennisetum Fireworks is a refreshing new look to an old time favorite ornamental grass! Fireworks is the first variegated purple fountain grass. Each leaf includes various shades of pink, burgundy and purple with a little white thrown in for contrast. Since Fireworks is a sport of Pennisetum ‘Rubrum’, it will also look great as a centerpiece in combination containers. In the garden or landscape, plant it with red or purple plants for a professional-looking landscape design.

Full Sun

Height: 24-30″/Spread: 18-24″

Foliage Accent

Size Available: 1 Gallon


Pennisetum  pen-iss-SEE-tum

Members of the genus Pennisetum are exquisite grasses with a timeless style. Most grow in flowing, fountain shapes and many produce lovely, bottlebrush plumes. Others impress with colorful foliage. Tender selections, often red-leaved or variegated, enhance decorative containers and annual color beds. Pennisetum are native to Africa, Asia and other tropical, subtropical and temperate environments worldwide. They thrive in sun, heat and humidity; they require little maintenance.