Hedera Ralf (English Ivy)

Hedera (English Ivy)  HEH-dr-uh

Ralf:  Hedera Ralf has medium to large-sized, rounded, triangular, ivy-shaped leaves. The leaf color is medium green with light green veins. The leaves are close together forming a dense plant. As plants grow aerially, they develop bushier, more mature growth and develop sharper, triangular leaves with no lobes. Popular as a trailing vine in hanging baskets and containers, it can also be grown indoors as a houseplant in the colder months.

Zone 5

Part to Full Shade

Height: 12″/Spread: 14″               

Foliage Accent     

Size Available: 1201

Hedera Ralf (English Ivy)

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Hedera (English Ivy)  HEH-dr-uh
English ivy (Hedera helix) is an evergreen perennial in the South and a hardy annual in the North. It is also classified as a woody vine. English ivy can act as a ground cover, spreading horizontally. But it is also a climber due to its aerial rootlets, which allows it to climb to 80 feet high. The plant will eventually bear insignificant greenish flowers but it is grown primarily for its evergreen leaves. In this regard, ivy can be classified as a foliage plant. The best time to plant English ivy is spring. It is a fast, aggressive grower that is considered invasive in many areas. Keep a watchful eye on children and pets because English ivy is toxic to humans and animals.

The fact that English ivy plants spread quickly means that they can be useful as a groundcover or filling in hard-to-plant spots in your landscaping. Their aggressive nature suggests that they could be effective allies against erosion on hillsides. At home indoors or out, English ivy does well planted in containers or baskets where its trailing vines can hang down. Ivy needs protection from winter winds as well as the hot summer sun, so plant appropriately.