Helianthus Suncredible® Saturn™ Sunflower

Helianthus (Sun Flower)  hee-lee-AN-thus

Proven Winners Suncredible® Saturn™:

Suncredible® Saturn™ Sunflower is a flower that brings a smile to your face and sunshine to your garden. The large 4 inch, everblooming blooms are bi-color with golden yellow petals and a rust orange eye. Planted in full sun, Suncredible® Saturn™ blooms all summer with no deadheading needed. Standing 2-3 feet tall and wide, the mounding habit is great for the back of the garden border as well as adding a mound of color here and there in your landscape or garden. With its semi-indeterminate to determinate habit, this is a flower-producing machine from early summer until the first frost. Heat and drought tolerant, Suncredible® Saturn™ is a native annual that attracts butterflies and pollinators to the garden.

Full Sun


Height: 36″/ Spread: 24-36″

Size Available: 4.25



Helianthus (Sun Flower)  hee-lee-AN-thus

Suncredible® Series Helianthus:

Bursting with bright yellow or bicolor blooms against a deep green foliage throughout the season, Proven Winners’ Suncredible® Helianthus provides a well-branched and uniform habit that adds a bushy backdrop in gardens or thrills in containers. Lasting several weeks longer into the fall than similar varieties, this Helianthus earns it’s name and will change the way home gardeners think of this traditional plant.