Herb Assortment

Herb Assortment

A Moss Greenhouses Exclusive!  This is the perfect combo pack for the chef who loves cooking with fresh herbs. This pack includes: Curly Parsley, Garden Sage, Oregano and Thyme. Use fresh or dry for use up to one year.

Full to Part Sun

Size Available: 804

Herb Assortment


Herb Garden  by Nicole Burke

There are at least three reasons to grow your own herbs. First, herbs are one of the easiest plants to grow in the garden.

Herb plants:

-are low-maintenance plants that give you lots of harvests almost immediately after planting.

-don’t require a ton of sunlight or nutrients to grow.

-will grow in whatever limited space you give them or stretch out beautifully into a large space like the corner of a raised bed.

Second, just-harvested herbs and herbs you dry yourself have so much more flavor and nutrients than a store-bought variety. Third, you can harvest from most herb plants again and again, making the most of every plant in your garden. If you’re craving a more garden-to-table lifestyle, the easiest way to accomplish that is to pot up some herbs or create an herb garden outdoors that you can dash out to, cut some sprigs, and bring them indoors to toss onto whatever you’re cooking!