Ilex Berry Poppins® Winterberry

Ilex (Winterberry)  AI-luyhks

Proven Winners Berry Poppins®: Winterberry holly is an awesome plant for winter landscapes, but many homeowners don’t have room for a traditional variety. Berry Poppins® winterberry holly solves that, with a dwarf habit that can be used nearly anywhere. This deciduous holly loses its leaves every autumn but makes up for it with a heavy berry display that truly shines in the winter landscape. A male pollinator is required in order to set fruit; use Mr. Poppins® winterberry holly. Native to North America.

Zone 3

Full to Part Sun

Height: 3-4’/Spread: 3-4′

Winter Interest

Size Available: 3 Gallon

Ilex Berry Poppins® Winterberry


Ilex (Winterberry)  AI-luyhks

Winterberry is a deciduous holly that is notable for its bright red berries that hang on well into winter. Besides adding color to the landscape, the berries are fed upon by many different types of birds in the winter when food can be scarce. It is a medium to large shrub typically reaching 6 to 10 feet tall, occasionally larger. It spreads slowly by root suckering.

Winterberry Holly prefers full sun to part shade and mesic to wet soils. It is a great plant for lake, pond or marsh edges. It also grows in swamps and at the edges of upland forests where the water table approaches the surface. In the home landscape it can be maintained in mesic, loamy soils as well as wet sites.