The standard for shady locations. Bright and cheerful flowers that brighten up dark and shady parts of your yard. Also makes an excellent houseplant.
Super Elfin Series:
Height 10”/ Spread 14”
Bright Orange: Hot orange.
New Cha Cha Mix: Ruby, Salmon Blush, Scarlet and White.
New Coral: Coral-pink.
Hot Mix: Punch, Scarlet, Violet and Red. Ouch!
Lipstick: Hot Fuchsia.
White: White.
Outpatient: A Moss Greenhouses Exclusive. Blue Pearl, Bright Orange, and Punch.

Xtreme Series:
Height 10”/ Spread 10”
Bright Rose: Hot pink.
Pink: Medium pink.
Red: Bright red.
Salmon: Orange-salmon.
Tango Mix: Deep salmon, red, rose, scarlet and violet.
Utopia Mix: Lavender, rose, salmon, violet.
Violet: Purple.
: Pure white.