Itea Fizzy Mizzy® Sweetspire

Itea (Sweetspire)  IT-ee-uh

Proven Winners Fizzy Mizzy®:

A sweetspire that literally stands out in the landscape! It’s abundant upright flower spikes are bright white and carry a light, lovely fragrance that attracts people and pollinators. An early summer bloom time helps bridge the gap between the seasons seamlessly and its thick, dark green foliage is handsome enough to carry the show for the rest of the season. With a petite size, you’ll be able to use it in any size garden.

Full Sun to Full Shade

Height: 2-3’/Spread: 2-3′



Itea (Sweetspire)  IT-ee-uh

The Itea sweetspire shrub is an attractive landscape addition in many areas of the United States. As a native to this area, this shrub produces attractive foliage and fragrant, drooping bottle brush blooms that appear in spring, creating a dazzling display with little care from the gardener. Itea plants have medium green leaves up to 4 inches long, turning shades of yellow, orange, red and mahogany in the fall. The Itea spreads by underground runners, which may be blocked to control the spread of the pleasing native Itea bush. Dig through runners of the Itea sweetspire and remove those growing in areas where the bush is not wanted.