‘Big Twister’: 

                              Zone 5                                   Height: 18-24”/Spread: 24”               Bloom Time:  Foliage Accent

Large, spiraling foliage, resembling giant corkscrews twisting and turning creating a dramatic effect. Prefers very moist to wet soil in full sun to part shade.

1-Gal-C    7-28329-44000-9

‘Blue Arrows’:

                             Zone 4                                    Height: 24-36”/Spread: 36”               Bloom Time:  Foliage Accent

Attractive grassy leaves emerge lime green in spring, turning bluish-green in color throughout the season. Neither the flowers nor the fruit are ornamentally significant. Soft color and beautiful, upright form make it irresistible in container combos and annual beds.

1-Gal-C    7-28329-44000-9