Kale (Ornamental)



Kale Assortment:
60-75 days; A Moss Greenhouses Exclusive. Darkibor; Finley curled green leaves, Dinosaur; dark blue strap leaf, Scarletbor; purple, curly leaves, Snowbor; very curled blue-green leaves.

Baby, 28 days. 55 days; Very deep red-purple, frilly leaves. Color and curling are enhanced by cold weather. Beautiful as an ornamental.

Red Russian:
40 days; Heirloom Unusual and beautiful variety that grows 2 feet tall. Leaves are bitter-free, very tender, intersected by purple-pink veins, lightly tinged with purple on the margins.

White Russian:
50 days; Here it is, the cold-hardiest, most moisture-tolerant kale ever grown! Tender-sweet flavored gourmet baby greens (ready in just 3 weeks from transplanting!) or full-sized leaves. Super-garden worthy variety!