Decorative grass that grows well near water. Produces silvery flower heads on the ends of its stems, making it appear like a tuft of fiber optic threads that tend to ‘glimmer’. Forms a dense mounding habit. Great addition to containers with its billowing leaves.

Flowering Kale:
Height: 10”   Spread: 12”
Foliage Accent Chidori Red: Dark pink with fringed leaf.
Color Up Mix: A mix of all colors.
Color Up Pink: Pink center surrounded by green.
Color Up Purple: Purple surrounded by green.
Color Up White: White center surrounded by green.

New Glamour Red:
Height: 8-10”   Spread: 10-12”
Frilly, rosy-red inner leaves are surrounded by dark green leaves.

Height: 24”   Spread: 24”
Edible, but beautiful in the garden. Very deep red-purple, frilly leaves. Color and curling are enhanced by cold weather.

Peacock Series:
Height: 6”   Spread: 12”
Peacock Red: Feathery foliage, red center surrounded by purple.
PeacockWhite: White center surrounded by green feather leaf.

New Pigeon Victoria:
Height: 12”   Spread: 12”
Variegated green and white outer leaves with a pale pink center. Colorful, easy plants last well into winter.