Lamium Lami™ Dark Purple

Lamium (Deadnettle)  LAY-mee-um

maculatum Lami™ Dark Purple:  Showy icy-purple flower clusters blanket the shimmering silver foliage edged in emerald green. This dazzling duo of flowers and foliage forms a lush groundcover that will tolerate dry shade once established. Lamium Lami™ Dark Purple is a stunning filler for container plantings. An eye-catching perennial groundcover even when not in bloom.

Part to Full Shade

Height: 6-8″/Spread: 10″

Spring – Summer

Size Available: 1801


Lamium (Deadnettle)  LAY-mee-um

Looking for a fast-growing, attractive ground cover for your shade garden? Consider lamium (Lamium maculatum), sometimes known as spotted deadnettle. This plant is a member of the mint family and is beloved by gardeners for its compact form and attractive foliage. The leaves are tear-shaped and may be serrated. Most lamium varieties have variegated leaves, with lime green, yellow or white variegations. It is a beautiful plant with colorful spring flowers. During the blooming period you will see small clusters of purple flowers, white flowers or pink flowers that appear from spring through late summer. It is an excellent choice as a perennial ground cover since it tolerates a wide range of soil conditions, although it grows most quickly in slightly moist, humus-rich soils.