2020 Annual of the Year!

If you have a hot, baked spot, Lantana is your answer! Free flowering with vibrant blooms. Great for containers, landscapes, great as an indoor plant if you have a nice sunny window.

Bandana Series:
Height: 24-26”   Spread: 24”
Cherry: Large flower clusters open to a sunny yellow and fade to a cherry pink.
Lemon Zest: Lemon-yellow to creamy yellow to white.
Orange: Soft pumpkin orange fading to apricot to light pink with an orange eye.

New Hot Blooded:
Height: 15-18”   Spread: 18-20”
Masses of 2” clusters with a glowing color spectrum of deep-red through orange to bright-yellow.

Landmark Series:
Height: 20”  Spread: 24”
New Citrus: Large mounds covered in bi colored peachy apricot and lemon blooms.
New Rose Sunshine: Brightly colored dark rose-pink and yellow blossoms
New White: Pure white flowers with a glow of yellow in the middle.