Lavandula (English)



2020 Perennial of the Year
Lavender is part of the mint family; the needles, leaves, and flowers of which contain scented oil glands. To keep plants compact, prune soon after flowering. Little to no fertilization required. Very drought tolerant.

‘Big Time Blue’:
Zone 5  Height: 18-20”  Spread: 30”
Not only does this new variety bloom much earlier than it’s relatives, but these blooms are also some of the largest. Aromatic, silvery green foliage contrasts beautifully with its purple-blue fragrant flowers.

Elagance Deep Purple’:
Zone 5  Height: 12”  Spread: 10”
A violet-blue variety. Gray-green scented foliage is a welcome addition to the perennial border.

New ‘Hidcote Blue’:
Zone 5  Height: 18-20”  Spread: 24-36”
Compact heads of deep violet-blue flowers. Perfect for the herb garden, borders or tucked into a rock garden.

Zone 5  Height: 18-20”  Spread: 18-20”
Rich lavender flower spikes fill the air with their sweet, intoxicating fragrance all summer long. Though this cultivar was introduced to the trade in 1916, it remains one of the most popular today. Its compact habit and relatively short stature makes it a good choice for edging. This is often said to be the hardiest variety of all Lavender.

Zone 5  Height: 26-30”  Spread:32-36”
This cold hardy lavender does not die back in the winter, it is one of the toughest there is. Sweet fragrant mounds of silver foliage and intoxicating purple-blue flower spikes. Perfect for fresh or dried arrangements. Noted for its disease resistance and heat tolerance.