Sedum Lemon Coral®

Sedum SEE-dum

Proven Winners Lemon Coral®: 

Here is one of those annual foliage plants that gardeners can’t do without. Lemon Coral® Sedum is a bright green foliar with a mounding, spilling habit that makes it the perfect complement to a container, garden borders and landscaping. Planted as the foundation of your large containers, it will spill over the edge attractively and the chartreuse green spiky looking stems and needles will contrast beautifully with intense, bright colors. Although it looks spiky and rough, it is considered a succulent with soft and silky needles and stems.

Full to Part Sun

Height: 3-10”/Spread: 10-14”         


Size Available: 4.25


Sedum SEE-dum

Sedum is a genus of succulent, herbaceous, evergreen, perennials with fleshy, flat or rounded leaves, depending on the species. In general, the plant is upright and spreads along the ground. The genus has over 300 species. The genus name comes from the Latin word sedeo meaning to sit, in reference to the habit of many of the sedums species to sit and sprawl over rocks. It is one of the first plants that can go out in the spring after the danger of the last frost has passed in Zones 3-6. Sedums are primarily grown for their foliage. It is heat and drought tolerant.