Ligularia stenocephala The Rocket

Ligularia  lig-yoo-LAIR-ee-uh

The Rocket:  This robust grower will make will make a statement in your shade garden with its bright mustard yellow flower spikes in summer. Very large, thick, serrated leaves form a compact clump.

Part to Full Shade

Height: 2’4″-2’10″/Spread: 2′-2’4″


Size Available: 2 Gal


Ligularia  lig-yoo-LAIR-ee-uh

There are 150 species in the Ligularia genus. Most of these have lovely ornamental foliage and occasionally, flowers. They thrive in areas near water in Europe and Asia. Ligularia are found in boggy and marshy soils but can survive in dryer areas with supplemental water. They are in the Aster family and are also commonly called ragwort flower. The ragwort flower, or Ligularia, should not be confused with the toxic pasture weed ragwort, which is in the Senecio genus. The ragwort plants we are talking about have large toothed or notched leaves and produce spires of yellow flowers in late summer. The plants have a mounding habit, with some species carrying the foliage on long petioles.