japonica ‘Hall’s’:
Zone 2  Height: 20’
Vines have deep green leaves and open to spider-like white flowers that age to yellow. Very fragrant and hardy. Makes a wonderful screening plant.

Zone 4  Height: 10-15’
Large, non-fragrant, narrow, trumpet-shaped flowers are scarlet to orangish red on the outside and yellowish inside. Flowers appear in late spring at stem ends in whorled clusters. They are attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies Inedible red berries form in late summer to early fall and can be ornamentally attractive. The small red berries are attractive to birds.

sempervirens ‘Major Wheeler’:
Zone 4  Height: 10’
A blanket of tubular, reddish orange flowers all summer and into fall. The hummingbirds will find it from miles around.