Lantana Luscious® Royale Red Zone™

Lantana   lan-TAN-a

Proven Winners Luscious® Royale Red Zone™:

Goodness gracious great balls of fire! Lantana Luscious® Royale Red Zone™ is that perfect cherry bombshell. Eye catching clusters of reds, yellows and oranges create a beautiful mosaic of color from spring to fall. It is a mounding plant that can be used in containers as well as in the landscape. It is also highly deer and rabbit resistant. Pollinators love lantana including hummingbirds, butterflies and bees.

Full Sun  

Height:  12-26”/ Spread: 12-24”           

Summer to Frost

Size Available: 4.25


Lantana   lan-TAN-a

Lantana plants have a unique vine-like sprawling appearance from woody branches, making them popular to grow in outdoor hanging baskets, containers or as ground covers. Lantana is known for its rounded clusters of small, brightly colored flowers that may be yellow, orange, white, red, pink, blue or purple. Often the almost fluorescent colors are mixed within the same cluster, creating a bicolored effect. The leaves have a sandpaper-like texture. Although many dislike the sharp, citrusy smell of this plant, the aroma of their foliage qualifies them as fragrant plants.  The flower’s nectar attracts several species of butterflies. This fast-growing plant can be planted any time in the spring or summer as an annual.