Jamebrittenia Safari™ Sky

Jamesbrittenia  james-brit-TEN-ee-uh

Proven Winners Safari™ Sky:   

The Safari™ Sky South African Phlox has small green leaves that complement the lavender flowers, giving this mounding plant a full and lush look. Planted in full to part sun locations, Safari™ Sky likes average moisture with good drainage. Blooming all summer long, Safari™ Sky Jamesbrittenia is a perfect selection for hanging baskets, containers as well as ground plantings.

Full Sun

Summer to Frost

Height: 6-12″/Spread: 12-24″

Size Available: 4.25


Jamesbrittenia  james-brit-TEN-ee-uh

Also known as South African Phlox, Jamesbrittenia is another new genus for Proven Winners and one that isn’t seen often within the industry as older varieties had rooting issues.  The new Safari™ Series is light years ahead of anything we’ve seen before and we saw zero rooting issues on these full, healthy plants. They show good mildew resistance and thrived all season long. Jamesbrittenia Safari™ Series is related to Sutera and can be used in many of the same applications. But the real benefit is that they are heat and humidity tolerant and will flower throughout the summer months.