Isotoma Patti’s Pink™

Isotoma  eye-SEW-toe-ma

Proven Winners Isotoma Patti’s Pink™:   

The star-shaped flowers of Isotoma Patti’s Pink™ make it an award-winning star annual for any container or garden. Rising above mounded medium-green foliage, the stunning pink stars on this Isotoma appear continuously in summer with little to no fuss. That means no need to deadhead or worry too much about how it can handle hot days. Just give it average watering, plenty of sun exposure then sit back and enjoy.

Full Sun

Summer to Frost

Height: 10-14″/Spread: 10-14″

Size Available: 4.25


Isotoma  eye-SEW-toe-ma

Isotoma axillaris is a heat-loving plant native to Australia that is hardy in zones 7-10 but is easily grown as an annual in colder climates. The common name laurentia comes from its previous classification as Laurentia axillaries; that name, as well as another synonym, Solenopsis axillaris, is still often used in the nursery industry. This species in the bellflower family (Campanulaceae) has other common names including blue star or star flower. A profusion of star-shaped flowers are produced just above the foliage throughout the season until frost. The fragrant, 1-1½”wide flowers are produced in shades of blue, pink or white. The plants shed spent flowers on their own so gardeners do not need to dead, although shearing in midseason will encourage more flowers on a more compact plant. Use Isotoma in borders and in containers as a filler plant. As a low plant it is useful as a soft edger along beds or paths or as a ground cover if planted densely. It can be grown in hanging baskets or as a bedding plant and looks nice spilling over walls.