Marigold (African Type)



African Marigolds produce large, pom-pom type flowers that provide an unusual and vibrant addition to any landscape.

New Big Duck Series:
Height: 16”   Spread: 12”
Full double, large 4” flowers are well-supported on sturdy, compact, uniformly even plants that consistently produce more flowers for a longer period. Great heat and disease tolerance.
Yellow: Bright yellow.
Orange: Deep orange.

Diamond Jubilee:
Height: 30”   Spread: 15”
Tall with large yellow flowers. Sturdy and weather resistant.

Inca Series:
Height: 12-14”   Spread: 10”
This marigold produces enormous double flowers that bloom early and continue all summer until frost.
Yellow: Bright yellow.
Orange: Deep orange.

Lady Series:
Height: 20”   Spread: 10”
Big 3-4 inch full double blooms on sturdy stems.
First Lady: Clear yellow.
Mix: Includes shades of yellow, gold, orange and primrose.
Orange Lady: Bright orange.

Marvel Series:
Height: 18”   Spread: 10”
Mid height with tight 4” heads.
Orange: Bright orange.
Yellow: Large yellow.

Height: 16”   Spread: 10”
Unique fully double creamy white 3” flowers. The flower heads centers stay tight so they shed water and will not turn brown in the center.