Marigold Strawberry Blonde

Marigold Strawberry Blonde:

Meet the “New World marigolds” ~ Strawberry Blonde and companion Fireball introduce germplasm never seen before in African or French marigolds that puts multicolor blooms on the same plant. A flush of warm hues enlivens this color-changing marigold. These beautiful flowers open deep coral and then fade to lovely shades of cream and warm pink. An excellent choice for containers and edging; deadhead for a carpet of bloom, especially in midsummer to fall, when other flowers start to bid adieu. In cool fall weather, the flower color deepens

Height: 8-10″/Spread: 6-8″               


Full Sun

Size Available: 1801


Marigold, French Type mare-E-gold

Although they’re commonly called French marigolds, Tagetes patula is actually native to Mexico and Central America. In the 16th century, their seeds were first transported to Europe by Portuguese explorers. Eventually, the flowers became popular in France—and just about everywhere else, too, including French territories.  Bushy and compact, French marigolds usually grow no higher than a foot. They make a wonderful hedge that blooms from summer into late fall. French marigold cultivars come in double-flower and single-flower varieties, but most are doubles with red, orange and yellow flowers that seem petite compared to African marigolds. Most measure from one to three inches across.