There are several varieties of mint. They can spread very quickly and some people prefer to keep them confined in
containers. The leaves are used for flavoring, mint sauce and drinks.

New Assorted (P):
Zones 3-5
Fun new assortments. Apple, Chocolate, Orange, and Strawberry.

Apple (P):
Zone 5  Height: 18-24”  Spread: 24”
Light green, fuzzy leaves. Sweet apple scent and flavor. Excellent addition to fruit salads or beverages. Apple mint grows well in containers.

Chocolate (P):
Zone 3  Height: 24”  Spread: 24”
MMmm – Junior Mints! Bronzy peppermint-like foliage combines the fragrance of peppermint and chocolate. Pink flowers in summer. Reaches 16” and spreads 24”.

Mojito Mint (A):
Height: 18-24”  Spread: 24”
Genuinely Cuban, used to flavor the cocktails for which is named. The leaves may be used fresh or dried in all kinds of drinks or dishes. Very aggressive.

Peppermint (P):
Zone 3  Height: 24-36”  Spread: 24”
Traditional mint plant reaches 12-36”. Great for flavoring foods and beverages. Medicinal properties.

Spearmint (P):
Zone 3  Height: 24”  Spread: 24”
Leaves have strong spearmint fragrance. Great for all-around flavoring, one of the best mints for cooking, especially with lamb, vegetables, sauces or in a tall Mint Julep.

Strawberry (P):
Zone 4 Height: 24”  Spread: 24”
Refreshing! Not the least bit minty. Deeply textured dark green leaves have a robust strawberry smell, fragrance and flavor. Refreshing in teas or chopped into fruit salads. Small lilac flowers are also edible.