Millet Purple Baron

Millet mil-LET

Purple Baron:

Purple Baron Millet is a cultivar of a warm-season ornamental millet grass that’s known as pearl millet. It’s an annual plant that is considered low-maintenance. As a warm-season grass, Purple Baron grows when the weather is hot, which is usually late spring or early summer. In summer and fall it produces inflorescences that look like bottle brushes. These long racemes are covered with tiny flowers that are pollinated by the wind. These inflorescences make ideal cut flowers to add texture to an arrangement.

Height: 36”/Spread: 14”                


Foliage Accent

Full Sun to Part Shade

Size Available: 1-Gal

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Millet mil-LET

Millet is a cereal crop from the Poaceae family, with a seed-like appearance. Being a part of the grass family, this grassy plant has a long stalk and is typically harvested for its small edible seeds. Unlike most grain crops that like it cooler in temperature, millet grows best in warmer weather, like rice and corn. Different varieties of millet originated more than 4,000 years ago in parts of Asia and Africa. Although the seed is the main attraction, people grow millet for various reasons.  Here at Moss Greenhouses, we grow it as an ornamental millet because of its beautiful purple foliage!