Miscanthus Zebra Grass Bandwidth

Miscanthus (Japanese Silver Grass)   miss-KAN-thuss

Bandwidth Grass:  A versatile dwarf maiden grass with brightly banded yellow and green, rust-resistant foliage. This durable, naturally narrow, upright grass is a wonderful accent for smaller gardens or in groupings in larger scale landscapes. Showy foliage clumps are topped by airy golden brown plumes in the fall, which persist into winter. A non-invasive cultivar.

Full Sun

Height: 29-36″/Spread: 29-36″

Summer – Fall

Size Available: 1 Gal


Miscanthus (Japanese Silver Grass)   miss-KAN-thuss

Zebra grass is a favorite among the ornamental grasses and with good reason. It stands tall (with an arching form) as a green sentinel in your landscape all summer then it puts out tiny white blooms, followed by seed head plumes that offer late-season visual interest. Zebra grass also has stunning variegated leaves with creamy golden stripes that cut horizontally across the otherwise green blades of grass. In early fall, more and more of a golden coloration creeps into the leaves. By late fall, the leaf color becomes more of a beige.