Morning Glory



Planted with a 3’ hoop trellis

Flying Saucers:
Height: 10-15”   Spread: 8-10’
Huge 5” blooms are sky blue and white in pinwheel stripes or flecks. Every flower is

Grandpa Ott’s:
Height: 8-10”/Spread: 8-10’
A profusion of deep purple flowers with a red star and a glowing pearly red throat.

Heavenly Blue:
Height: 8-10”   Spread: 6-8’
This series stays more compact and plants stay more controlled with less vining than standard varieties. Each sky-blue flower reaches 3 to 4” across, with a small white rim and white throat. Creamy white and green leaves add even more interest when not in bloom. Perfect for summer baskets and mixed containers.

Scarlet O’Hare:
Height: 8-10”   Spread: 8-10’
Velvety scarlet red blooms are a full 4 inches across. Opening in the morning and tightly closed again by late afternoon. Very vigorous and fast growing.