Muehlenbeckia Wire Vine

Muehlenbeckia mew-len-BEK-ee-uh

Wire Vine:

Unusual creeper offers an intriguing texture with a spreading mat of wiry stems, clothed in tiny rounded leaves with a glossy green finish. It does not require much water and can persist in a wide variety of light conditions, from dappled shade to full sun.  Pruning helps to keep the plant more compact and bushy, encouraging more branching. Wire vine does well with bright indirect or direct light for several hours. With more light, the plants will need to be watered more often.

Height: 6”/Spread: 18-24”            

Foliage Accent

Full Sun to Part Shade

Size Available: 1801


Muehlenbeckia  mew-len-BEK-ee-uh

It’s hard to find room for a plant which has neither showy flowers nor evergreen leaves to boast of, however, Muehlenbeckia deserves a spot in many gardens. It shines planted alone, as the finely textured, black stems are the perfect foil for the astonishingly round, glossy leaves. It is both tough enough to look after itself and fast enough to be noticed despite its diminutive height, plus it quickly forms a dense mat which weeds are unlikely to penetrate.  It’s the leaves’ unique ability to stay in excellent condition from April through October (or later) which makes all these uses suitable; no cutting back or grooming is generally required.