Nasturtium Gleam Mix

Nasturtium nas-STUR-shum

Gleam Mix:

Nasturtium ‘Gleam Mix’ produces yellow, orange, salmon and red flowers that stand out on the lily pad shaped leaves. This partial climbing plant can be guided up a trellis or left to mound in the garden. It works well to trail out of container plantings while it attracts pollinators and repels deer. This plant is not only beautiful in flower arrangements but is also edible. Peppery tasting leaves and mildly sweet flowers add zip and color to your salads.        

Height: 12”/Spread: 48”           


Part to Full Sun 

Size Available: 1801




Nasturtium nas-STUR-shum

The nasturtium is a cheerful and easy-to-grow flower! Their bold blooms and edible leaves, flowers and seedpods make them an especially fun flower for kids to plant and a favorite companion plant in the garden.  These lovely plants, with their unique greenery and vibrant flowers, grow well in containers or as ground cover around vegetable gardens.  In fact, they are often used as a trap crop in companion planting, drawing aphids and other garden pests away from the more valuable vegetables. Pests aren’t the only thing nasturtiums attract, however. They are also a favorite of pollinators like bees, butterflies and hummingbirds and their pretty fragrance makes them a good choice for cut-flower gardens, too.