Nepeta (Catmint)



New ‘Cat’s Pajamas’:
Zone 3  Height: 14-18”  Spread: 18-20”
Indigo blue flowers are produced all the way from the soil to the tips, providing an intense splash of color when it’s in bloom. Rosy purple calyxes extend the color when the blooms are past peak. Beautiful.

faassenni ‘Purrsian Blue’:
Zone 3  Height: 14-18”  Spread: 18-30”
The Purrfect size! The tidy, naturally rounded habit usually doubles its width in the second year. Dark purple calyxes surround the periwinkle blue flowers rising from the foliage.

faassenii ‘Walker’s Low’:
Zone 3  Height: 36”  Spread: 18”
Crinkly, aromatic gray-green foliage gives way to an abundance of lavender-blue flowers. Hummingbirds and butterflies love the sweet nectar. This plant can really take the heat.