Canna Tenerife (NEW)



Canna ka-nuh                

Size Available: 1-Gal                          Height: 36-48”/Spread: 18-24”        Summer to Frost 

Outstanding garden performance and profuse flowering. Large banana type foliage adds a tropical touch to any outdoor space Compact, self-cleaning flowers, and re-blooming with large flowers makes this series a wonderful collection for the patio or

garden. Canna was once called Indian shot because its rock hard, perfectly round seed was used as a substitute for lead

shot in muzzle loading guns.                                                                         

New  Atlantic Beauty:  Fiery red flowers and bronze purple foliage.

New  Medeira:  Bright red but edged with yellow, giving it a delightfully delicate, almost frilly appearance.

New  Pretoria:  Stunning variegated yellow and green striped leaves and large orange bi-colored flowers.

New  Tenerife:  Yellowish-orange with charming crimson-peach specks.