Mambo Blue Improved (NEW)



Petunia peh-TEWN-ya

Petunias are among the most popular flowering annuals for a good reason, they are bright and lively, bloom from spring until frost, and fill the air with lovely fragrance. Best of all, petunias are amazingly easy to grow, both in the garden and in containers.

Mambo Series:

Size Available: 1-Gal         Bloom: 4”             Height: 5-8”/Spread:16-20”             Spring-Fall

Renowned for some of the most densely branched, vigorous growing petunias any gardener can grow, staying compact

and tightly branched. The lovely thing with these petunias, is when the plants are in bloom, they literally smother themselves

with their blossoms.

Blue:  Deep blue.

Burgundy: Bright pink with deeper burgundy center.

Red: Brilliant red.

Rose Morn:  Hot pink with a white morn center.

Pink: Bright pink.

Salmon: Salmon-pink with a white eye.

Sky Blue:  Medium blue.

White:  Snow white.