Candy F1:
85 days; Adaptable everywhere. Huge, sweet and mild with white flesh. Stores well.

95 days; 2-3” bulbs form under tall green blades. Grows vigorously. Zesty pleasant crunch and flavor as well as great color for salads and sandwich toppings.

95 days; Quick to mature and easy to divide. The bulbs are large and round with brown skin and pure white flesh. Flavor is very, very pungent. Bulbs divide dramatically. If cured, the bulbs can be stored.

Walla Walla Sweet:
110 days; Legendary onion noted for its mildness. Large 3-4” bulbs have exceptionally sweet flavor. Great for eating and cooking.

White Sweet Spanish:
110 days for bulbs or 6-8” tall for green onions. Large globe shaped bulbs. White skin and flesh, mild flavor and easy to peel!