Oregano is often known as “the pizza herb” because it seems to be the main flavoring ingredient in many commercial pizza sauces. It has many other culinary uses, especially in Italian, Mexican and Greek cuisine. It is often paired with basil in pasta and tomato dishes. Give oregano lots of room to grow, full sun, good drainage, moderately fertile soil and be rewarded with an abundance of wonderful foliage and flavor.

Zone 5  Height: 18-24”  Spread: 12-18”
Plants have small, round aromatic leaves with tiny white flowers appearing late July. Use for medicinal purposes in the herbal bath for aching muscles and joints.

Hot and Spicy:
Zone 5  Height: 36”  Spread: 36”
Rich green rounded foliage boasts an intense strong flavor, as the name indicates, this one is hot and spicy. Use sparingly at first.