Ornamental Grasses (Annual)



Grasses can be used in many ways for landscape design and are very popular landscape specimens. Ornamental grasses combine well with almost any kind of plant. Several types provide dramatic and lasting interest throughout the winter months, whether they are valued for their flowery plumes, spikes or seed heads. They also catch the wind, adding movement and sound to the landscape.

Carex Kair-ex 
buchanaii ‘Red Rooster’ (Leatherleaf Sedge):
Height: 24”/Spread: 24”
More intensely colored than other sedge grasses. This finely textured ornamental grass has densely tufted, bright reddish-bronze foliage slightly curled at the tips. Effective in borders, containers, rock gardens or around water gardens.

Cortaderia kor-tah-DAIR-ee-ah
selloana ‘Pampas Grass’:
Height: 8′  Spread 36” Fall
Large grassy clumps with beautiful white plumes in the fall.

New Cypress SYE-purr-us

Baby Tut:
Height: 72”  Spread: 36”
Add an exotic and tropical feel to your landscape. A smaller version of ‘King Tut’.

King Tut:
Height: 24”  Spread: 24”
Umbrella shaped leaf bracts makes an exotic tropical centerpiece. Very vigorous. This ornamental grass combines drama, grace, and humor and makes a spectacular container garden plant. It tolerates heat well and you never have to deadhead it.

Isolepis eye-so-LEP-iss
‘Live Wire’ (Fiber Optic Grass):
Height: 8-10”  Spread: 10”
Decorative grass that grows well by water. Produces spiklets atop slender stems that tend to ‘glimmer’. Forms a dense mounding habit. Great addition to containers with its billowing leaves. Impossible to pass without touching!

Lagurus lag-ur-us
‘Hare Tails or Bunny Tails’:
Height: 8″  Spread: 10-12”
Add a little whimsy to your garden or containers! In early summer it is topped with puffballs that look like furry cotton tails of rabbits. They are soft, fluffy and irresistible to touch. In the fall the bunny tails turn to a rich tan and dry on the plant. Awesome for dried arrangements. Extremely drought tolerant.

Pennisetum pen-iss-SEE-tum tum
setaceum ‘Purple Fountain’:
Height: 36-48”  Spread: 16-24”
Waves of gracefully nodding soft burgundy plumes arching over burgundy purple foliage in true fountain grass form. This variety is especially dramatic in containers, clusters, and mass plantings.

Stipa STY-pah
tenuissima ‘Pony Tail Grass’:
Height: 20-24”  Spread: 24”
Graceful, fine, needle-like green foliage forms mounding clumps of textural interest.
Golden blonde seed heads in mid-summer resemble a horsetail. Useful in containers and the landscape.