Ornamental Grasses (Perennial)




‘Avalanche’ kal-uh-muh-GRAHSS-tiss
Zone 4  Height: 4’  Spread: 24”
Variegated Feather Reed Grass. Beautiful creamy-white vertical stripes along the center of the leaf blades. Pinkish green plumes in the fall.

‘Brachytricha’ kal-uh-muh-GRAHSS-tiss
Zone 4  Height: 4’  Spread: 36”
One of the few flowering grasses that is happy in the shade. Foliage and flower plumes are always ready to catch the slightest breeze. Fluffy bottlebrush plumes mature to a light tan and are wonderful for cut flowers or as an everlasting.

‘Karl Forester’ kal-uh-muh-GRAHSS-tiss
Zone 4   Height: 4-5’  Spread: 24”
Strong and vertical, makes an exclamation point in the garden. Tall masses of deep green blades. Showy wheat colored heads in late summer.

Chasmanthium kaz-MAN-thee-um
Zone 4  Height: 36”  Spread: 24’
‘Northern Sea Oat’
Attractive, bamboo-like green foliage that turns coppery in the fall. This grass is most notable for its flat drooping seed heads that hang in clusters on arching stems. The seed heads will flutter even in the softest of breezes.

Deschampsia dess-SHAMP-see-ah
‘Tufted Hair Grass’
Zone 4  Height: 24-36”  Spread: 24”
‘Northern Lights’ is a clump-forming graceful mound of dark green blades. Numerous flowers stems rise in summer to 3’ high. Airy panicles of variably-colored flowers in gold, silver, purple and green which forms a cloud over the foliage.

ravenne Hardy Pampas Grass: air-AN-thiss
Zone 4  Height: 8-10’  Spread: 6’
Truly one of the giants of the grass world. The foliage is gray-green. Tall showy silvery-white plumes extend high above the foliage.

Festuca fess-TOO-kah
ovina ‘Buddy Blue’:
Zone 4  Height: 10-12”  Spread: 6”
Silvery blue with open panicles of tiny beige spikelets.

ovina ‘Elijah Blue’:
Zone 4  Height: 12”  Spread: 12”
Powder-blue blades form tight, mounding clumps. Great for rock gardens and containers.

ovina ‘Glauca’:
Zone 3 Height: 12-14”  Spread: 12”
Blue-green tufted grass creates a very showy mound for edging beds and borders. Interesting accent in containers.

Juncus JUNK-us
‘Big Twister’:
Zone 5  Height: 18-24”  Spread: 24”
Large, spiraling foliage, resembling giant corkscrews twisting and turning creating a dramatic effect. Prefers very moist to wet soil in full sun to part shade.

‘Blue Arrows’:
Zone 4  Height: 24-36”  Spread: 36”
Attractive grassy leaves emerge lime green in spring, turning bluish-green in color throughout the season. Neither the flowers nor the fruit are ornamentally significant. soft color and
beautiful, upright form make it irresistible in container combos and annual beds.

Miscanthus miss-KAN-thuss
Zone 5  Height: 36”  Spread: 36”
Gold bands cut across green narrow foliage. The upright habit and color add pizzazz to
containers and landscapes. Showy foliage clumps are topped by airy golden brown plumes in the fall, which persist into winter.

(Zebra Grass):
Zone 4  Height: 36”  Spread: 36”
New deep green leaves in spring begin to show more and more horizontal golden striping as the leaf matures. Fluffy copper colored blooms in the fall.

Pennisetum pen-iss-SEE-tum
Zone 5  Height: 15”  Spread: 15”
Features lovely soft taupe big bottlebrush plumes rise to 30”, well above compact mounds of narrow arching green blades.

Schizachyrium skizz-uh-KEER-ee-um 
Zone 3  Height: 24-30”  Spread: 18”
Beautiful blue and purple hues, and added touches of wine red. Silver plumes turn tawny in fall.