Osteospermum (African Daisy)



Well branched and form handsome tall plants with beautiful daisy flowers. Newer varieties are more compact, creating beautiful accents to garden beds and containers with better flowering performance in warmer temperatures.

Blue Eyed Beauty:
Height: 14”   Spread: 20”
A stunning contrast of a purple center and yellow petals. Blooms with early spring color and unlike most osteospermum, the blossoms stay open.

FlowerPower™ Spider:
Height: 12-14”   Spread: 18”
Unique shaped petals. The petals look like regular daisy petals that have been pinched in the middle to create an hourglass effect. Their bright flowers are produced in profusion atop compact, mid-green foliage.
Pink: Unusual spoon-like pink flowers look like fancy pinwheels, with a deep purple center.
Purple: Magenta flowers with fluted, spoon-shaped petals, with a deep purple center.

Serenity Series:
Height: 18”   Spread: 24”
These early flowering plants have excellent basal branching and a naturally compact habit. They are fantastic garden performers with a prolific flower show over dark green foliage throughout the season. Perfect for containers.
New Bronze: Bronze orange softening to pink with blue-gray centers.
New Pink Magic: Purple eye surrounded by creamy white petals, with blush pink tips.
White: Pure white with bluish-purple center.

Symphony Series:
Height: 12-18”   Spread: 24”
Produces a ridiculous number of cheerful, daisy like flowers with purple blue eyes. Drought tolerant once established.
Lemon : Bright yellow with a dark eye.
Orange: Bright orange with a dark eye.

Tradewinds Trailing Deep Purple:
Height: 14-18”   Spread: 16-20”
Great growth habit, heat tolerance and beautiful colors. Dark violet purple.

Voltage Series:
Height: 10-16”   Spread: 24-28”
Yellow: This unique clear yellow osteo is the first to bloom in the spring. The low spreading habit and excellent branching makes it ideal for containers, baskets and landscapes.
White: A profusion of brilliant white daisy flowers adorned with a yellow petal reverse and bright yellow centers. When the blossoms partially close, both colors are visible, creating a beautiful display.