Osteospermum Voltage™ Series Yellow

Osteospermum  (African Daisy)  oss-tee-oh-SPUR-mum

Voltage™ Series Yellow:

The earliest osteospermum to bloom in Spring comes in vibrant Voltage Yellow to help you forget about winter! Fun, bright yellow daisy flowers bloom all season long. Plant Voltage Yellow with other colorful flowers such as pansies and dianthus. The low spreading habit and excellent branching makes it ideal for containers, baskets and landscapes. The first osteospermum in bloom is also the last out of bloom.

Height: 10-16″/Spread: 24-28″           


Full Sun

Size Available: 1801


Osteospermum  (African Daisy)  oss-tee-oh-SPUR-mum

Osteospermum is from Africa, hence the name African daisies. Growing African daisies require conditions similar to those found in Africa. It likes heat and full sun and prefers evenly moist, well-drained soils. However, too-wet soil is a sure way to stress out, and even kill, osteospermums. Once they are established, they are fairly tolerant of drought. Remove any spent blooms and fertilize regularly to keep them blooming and looking their best.  Osteospermum flowers close up at night so don’t worry if you see your plants folding their tents when the sun goes down!