Pansy Majestic Giant Series Clear White

Pansy: pan-SEE

Majestic Giant II Series: 

Pansy Majestic Giants II Series produces large flowering pansies with a free flowering habit. Vigorous plants bloom throughout the heat of the summer. Performs well in planters or in the garden in full or part sun. Maintains extra-large flower size under warm conditions with excellent overwintering and rebloom in the spring.

Clear White:  Pure white color with yellow eye ~ has no whiskers or blotch.

Height: 6”/Spread: 4-6”           


Full to Part Sun

Size Available: 1204


Pansy: pan-SEE

Pansies are the colorful flowers with “faces.” A cool-weather favorite, pansies are great for both spring and fall gardens!  Pansies have heart-shaped, overlapping petals and one of the widest ranges of bright, pretty colors and patterns.  Pansies pair well with a host of early-blooming bulbs, such as daffodils, tulips, hyacinths and snowdrops. They come in sizes ranging from petite Johnny-jump-ups to bold ‘Majestic Giant’ cultivars. For the best show, plant masses of 9 to 12 plants for a carpet of color. In pots, they work alone or with favorites like flowering kale, dianthus or alyssum.  These cheerful blooms will be pretty happy in containers and window boxes.  Surprisingly, pansy flowers are also edible. These attractive blooms are a great way to add color to any salad and can be grown successfully alongside crops. Every part of the pansy flower is edible, so just pop them on whole!