Garden favorite for generations, pansies are widely available just about everywhere and are often the first annuals to bloom. Ready to bring color, aroma and flavor to fresh cuisine, petite bouquets or garden beds.

Cool Wave Series:
Height: 6-8”   Spread: 24-30”
More vigorous than any other spreading pansy! This plant trails more than 2 feet long, with masses of bright 2 inch blooms. Great for hanging baskets, containers or across the
garden floor.
Blue Skies: Purple-blue flowers with a large yellow whiskered center.
Mix: A formula mix.
Purple: Dark pansy purple.
New Strawberry Swirl: yellow wing with a dusty rose cap.
Yellow: Bright clear canary yellow.

Delta Series:

Height: 6”   Spread: 4-6”
A spring-flowering series produces 2.5” to 3” blooms. Blooms earlier than any large-flowered pansy. Delta over winters well and shows superb heat tolerance. Perfect for spring and fall planting.
New Apple Cider Mix: Mixture of white, pink, red, rose, and yellow blotched blooms.
Beaconsfield: Purple with a white wing.
Cotton Candy Mix: Pure blue and pink shades.
Fire: Blaze of red, scarlet, yellow with mahogany accents.
Gold with Blotch: Deep golden yellow with a dark red blotch.
Neon Violet: Deep violet with striking neon blue face.
Primrose: Light yellow.
Pure Yellow: Improved golden yellow.
True Blue: A clear mid-blue.
Deep Orange: Clear deep pumpkin orange.
Neon Violet: Deep violet with striking neon blue face.
Pure Yellow: Improved golden yellow.
True Blue: A clear mid-blue.

Frizzle Sizzle Series:
Height: 6-8”   Spread: 8-10”
Old fashioned ruffled edge, 3 inch blooms are an eye grabbing novelty and they will fill your garden with a sweet fragrance!
New Lemonade: Bright, cheery white, cream and yellow/white bicolor with dark whiskers.
Mix: A dazzling array of fruity colors to brighten your borders and patios.
Orange: Many of the blooms have dark whiskers making the large, brilliant orange faces even more interesting.
Raspberry: Brilliant raspberry colored blossoms with shades of purple-red with a dark purple face.
Yellow Blue Swirl: Bicolor yellow and blue with a unique twist.

Majestic Giant Series:
Height: 6”   Spread: 4-6”
An early bloomer with huge 4 inch flowers. Excellent overwintering. Resistant to both heat and cold.
Clear White: Pure White
Majestic Giant II Mix: Blooms reach 4” on vigorous plants. A mixture of red, yellow, white, and purple, with blotched faces.

Specialty Pansies:
Height: 6-8”   Spread: 6-10”
These varieties are unique, must-have selections for the garden.
Moss Boise State Mix:  Blue and Orange, of course!A Moss Greenhouses Exclusive.
Joker Poker Face: 2” to 3” blooms of deep purple with orange faces and dark eyes.
New Halloween: 2” Pure black blooms.
Mammoth Sangria Punch: 3½ inch flowers in shades of yellow, red and rose with dark blotched centers.