Passiflora Aphrodite’s Purple Nightie

Passiflora (Passion Flower): Pas-i-flo-ra   

Passion vine, bears exotic looking showy flowers along its spreading stems of lush green foliage starting in mid-spring and continuing throughout summer. A vigorous grower, it performs well in full sun to part shade, It needs adequate space to grow and looks great trained to a trellis or fence where its stems can reach 4 to 12 feet in length.



‘Aphrodites’s Purple Nightie’™ h      Height:  12’                                       Summer-Fall

Wow! Excellent flower power on a vigorous vine, Aphrodite’s Purple Nightie™ Passion Flower produces an explosion of 3-4″ wide flowers composed of purple petals and sepals that are topped by a crown of deep purple, blue, and white filaments.

1-Gal-G    7-28329-49000-4