Pennisetum Purple Fountain Grass

Pennisetum setaceum Rubrum   pen-iss-SEE-tum

Purple Fountain Grass:

Purple fountain grass is aptly named for the arcing spikes of nodding purplish flowers that gracefully spray out of its mass of long, slender, burgundy-colored leaves. It has a fast growth rate and is best planted in spring. Very dramatic in containers, clusters or mass plantings. The feathery seed heads (aka “plumes”) can also later be cut for dried flower arrangements.

Height: 36-48”/ Spread:  16-24”       

Summer- Foliage Accent

Full Sun

Sizes Available: 1-Gal & 2-Gal                                                                       


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Pennisetum setaceum Rubrum   pen-iss-SEE-tum

Of all the ornamental grasses, of which there are many, Pennisetum setaceum ‘Rubrum’, or Purple Fountain Grass, is probably one of the most popular. The purple or burgundy-colored foliage and soft, fuzzy-like blooms (which are followed by purplish seedheads) make a bold statement in the garden—on their own or grouped with other plantings. Growing purple fountain grass is easy and Spring is the most suitable time for planting. These plants need to be placed in a sunny location with well-draining soil. Since mature plants can reach about four feet tall and just as wide, they should be given plenty of room in the garden, spacing additional plants at least three to five feet apart. The plant is drought tolerant so watering sufficiently every week or two should be adequate.