Assorted Hot Fire Peppers:
95 days; Not for the faint of heart! We have chosen four extraordinarily hot peppers.
Habanero Chocolate, Habanero White, Scotch Bonnet Jamaican Red and Trinidad Scorpion.
We recommend wearing gloves when harvesting. A Moss Greenhouses Exclusive.

Assorted Hot Varieties:
70-90 days; A mix of four hot peppers. Ideal for gardeners who want a variety of flavors. Assortment includes Anaheim Chili, Jalapeño, Super Chili and Cayenne. A Moss Greenhouses Exclusive.

New Assorted Snack Pack:
60-80 days; Mini sweets, perfect for snacking. Baby Chocolate, Golden Treasure,
Jingle Bell and Sweet Cherry.A Moss Greenhouses Exclusive.

Assorted Sweet Varieties:
A mix of four sweet bell peppers good for cooking or fresh. Assortment includes, California Wonder, Orange Bell,
Red Bell and a Yellow Bell. A Moss Greenhouses Exclusive.

Anaheim Chili:
70 days; Heirloom. 30” plants bear long, tapered, dark green, smooth, 7-8” mild peppers. Great for producing mild sauces and salsa, and chili rellenos.

Better Belle F1:
65 days; Early and tasty. Blocky and thick walled. Maintains large fruit all season.

California Wonder:
75 days; Heirloom. Traditional bell pepper produces 4×4” blocky dark green fruit. Good grower with mild flavor.
Great fresh and for cooking.

Caribbean Red Hot:
90 days; Heirloom. Glossy fruits ripen from lime to red. The more red the fruit, the hotter the pepper!

Cayenne Long Slim:
70 days; Heirloom. Wrinkled peppers are 6” long and skinny. Fiery hot and excellent for drying.

66 days; Thick walled, 1 x 2½” Smoke to get spicy wood taste.

68 days; Heirloom. Thin walled 6” peppers are sweet and great for fresh eating. The fruit is elongated and flattened yellowish turning to red. This frying type pepper is a must in many Mediterranean dishes.

New Fooled You:
85 days; Jalapeño with no heat! Perfect for those who appreciate the distinctive flavor of the Jalapeño. 1 x 3¼” green to red fruits. High yielding.

Fresno Chili:
75 days; 1 x 2½”, smooth and tapered. Fresno peppers appear green on the vine maturing to orange and eventually deep red when fully ripe.

Garden Salsa:
73 days; Moderately hot, tapered fruit with medium thick walls.

65 days; Very sweet. Yellow, orange to red wedged fruit. Thin skin that does not need to be peeled making ‘Gypsy’ peppers ideal for frying. Holds its red color when cooked.

85 days; Heirloom. Ultra-hot chili peppers! 12” plants with light green serrated leaves produce 1½ – 3” fruits. Peppers are light green turning to deep orange when mature.

Hot Portugal:
64 Days; Heavy yields of 6” long ¾” wide. Peppers are very hot turning from green to glossy lipstick red.

Hungarian Yellow Wax:
65-70 days; Heirloom. Yellow pepper gives 5-6” fruit. Turns red when ripened. Not real hot, but certainly pungent.

Jalafuego Jalapeño:
70 days; Very smooth, extra-large pungent peppers on big vigorous plants.

70-75 days; Heirloom. Traditional hot pepper produces 3” fruits. Jalapenos are usually used green, but at full maturity they do turn red. Great all-around pepper.

Mama Mia Gaillo:
85 days; An award-winning Italian sweet pepper with bright golden-yellow skin, heavy yields, a compact habit, great disease resistance, and early maturity. They reach 7 to 9 inches long. Great for fresh eating, grilling, or roasting, these Italian sweet peppers are big on flavor and texture — juicy, rich, and meaty.

Orange Bell:
75 days; Heirloom. Blocky bright orange with thick flesh. Very sweet.

Pepperoncini Greek Golden:
75 days; 4 x 1½, yellow to red mild pepper. Great for sandwiches, pickling, and of course Greek salads.

80 days; Heirloom. Mild pimiento type. Heart-shaped fruit matures from dark green to red.

80 days; *Ancho/ Poblano type pepper. Heart shaped taper, green turning red. Medium thick 2 x 4”. *Called Ancho in its dried state, used in chili powders and sauces. Poblano in its fresh, green state for the best ever chili rellenos!

Purple Beauty:
75 days; Purple peppers are always a favorite. Their crisp texture, mild sweet flavor and unique color make them a perfect addition to a salad. The peppers turn green when cooked.

Red Bell:
68 days; Produces beautiful 4 inch sweet, bell shaped fruits. Reddens quickly to a rich shade of scarlet.

70 days; Earlier and sweeter than Anaheim chilies, these 2 x 6” peppers are great for mild chili rellenos, roasted, sautéed, or fried. The highly productive plants reward the gardener with an early, abundant harvest even in small plantings.

Super Chili:
75 days; Plants bear 3” fruit with a spicy hot flavor. Great for salsas.

Super Serrano:
70 days; A vigorous producer of small ½” – 2” peppers. They are very hot when green and much hotter when they turn red.

80 days; Heirloom. The 2” peppers produced by this plant are very pungent and hot. Repels pests.

Thai Hot:
65-70 days; Heirloom. Thai Hot is an excellent yielding, good tasting, high pungency pepper that adds zest to stir fry dishes, sauces, and other foods that require spicy flavor. Vigorous plants grow 30 inches tall with strong stems and abundant foliage supporting heavy fruit set. As fruits mature they turn from green to dark red and measure 2”.

Yellow Bell:
70 days; Very sweet, four-lobed pepper reach 4-5 inches. Lime green to golden yellow. Best golden pepper for production and fruit quality.